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Accounts Payable

The UTFI business office has established procedures to efficiently and accurately process invoices, work with vendors, reimburse miscellaneous expenses, reconcile procurement cards, and make special payments that do not involve a contract.


Table of Contents


General Requirements for Processing Invoices

  • Invoices must be billed to The University of Tennessee Foundation.
  • Acceptable invoices include the following:
    • Vendor Name & Address
    • Transaction Date
    • Itemized description of goods/services purchased that includes unit pricing
    • Transaction Total
  • Goods and services must be received.
  • Invoices must be mathematically correct.
  • The cost center used for the purchase must be written on the invoice.
  • The purpose of the purchase must be written on the invoice.
  • Invoices must be signed in ink by an authorized cost center approver.
  • Sales tax must be deducted on invoices received from vendors located in Tennessee.
  • Invoices posted to the 446200 group arranged event or 449200 entertainment G/L code must include an attendee list including:
    • Name of event
    • Date of event
    • Events open to the campus/ public do not require an attendee list; however, the approximate number of guests in attendance should be written on the invoice.
  • Invoices submitted with exceptions to policy must include an approval for the exception from the Department Head.

Creating and Making Changes to a Vendor

To initiate the process of creating a vendor or making changes to an existing vendor, the department should send the vendor an invite using the PaymentWorks vendor portal. The vendor portal is located at under the IRIS tab. Dual-factor authentication is needed for employees to access this system.

Vendors are responsible for supplying and maintaining their own information. After the vendor has supplied their information in the portal, the information will be verified and a notification will be sent to the department that initiated the request.

Vendor Changes
Special Circumstances

If you are paying an individual, you must first complete the Independent Contactor Questionnaire to verify the individual should be paid as a vendor and not as an employee. The questionnaire is located on the UT Treasurer’s Office website.

If you are paying a foreign individual, please contact the UT Payroll Office to ensure completion of necessary forms and verify tax withholdings.

PaymentWorks training sessions are available at

Researching a Vendor

The most accurate way to find a vendor number is to use the vendor’s Tax ID number.

  • Vendor Numbers that begin with 1 = Domestic Vendors
  • Vendor numbers that begin with 2 = Remit to Addresses
  • Vendor numbers that begin with 3 = Foreign Vendors

Looking Up a Vendor

IRIS Transaction XK03

  1. Enter vendor number (or use search box function to find vendor number)
  2. Click the “select all” icon (or click on F7)
  3. Click the “enter” icon (green circle with white check mark)
  4. Use the “previous screen” & “next screen” icons to view various vendor information

View Vendor Payments Report

IRIS Transaction ZFVEN001

  1. Enter vendor number (or use search function to find vendor number)
  2. Vendor number, company code, and fiscal year fields have to be populated
  3. Click on “execute” icon
  4. Sort vendor payments as needed using “sort in ascending/descending order” icons
  5. Drill down by double-clicking on a line item

Looking Up an Alternate Vendor

IRIS Transaction Y_DEV_17000025

  1. Enter the “remit to” vendor number in the ‘2’ vendor number field
  2. Click the “execute” icon to display the “1” vendor number linked to the remit to address
Miscellaneous Reimbursement

General Policy

Policy 5.145: Miscellaneous Reimbursements

Petty cash funds should be used for miscellaneous purchases of supplies and materials from sources outside the university or foundation and for reimbursement of entertainment expenses incurred within a 75 mile radius of the official work location. Petty cash funds may not be used for purchases from central supply stores, university bookstores, or any other university or foundation department. Purchases from sources within the university or foundation are charged to departments by internal transfer. Additionally, payment to individuals for personal services should not be handled through petty cash. A T-27 formor invoice from the individual providing the services should be processedfor these type payments.

Procurement Cards

General Policy

Policy 5.18: Procurement Cards

Procurement Card holders must reconcile their procurement card statements each month. Procurement card statements are uploaded to IRIS on the 25th of each month, and reconciled statements are due to the UTFI Business Office no later than the 20th of the following month.

Application Process

All procurement cards are issued through UT. The UTFI CFO is the procurement card coordinator for the Foundation and must approve all procurement card applications. Forms for the procurement card application process are located on the UT Treasurer’s website.

  1. Obtain approval to begin the procurement card application process from Department Head.
  2. Complete the Procurement Card Application and forward to the UTFI Business Offiice for CFO approval.
  3. Applicant should review procurement card policies and complete the Procurement Card Questionnaire.
  4. Results of the procurement card questionnaire will be sent to the CFO for evaluation.
  5. Upon receipt of card, applicant must sign the Procurement Cardholder Agreement Form and send to the UTFI Business Office.

Printing Procurement Card Statement

  1. Use IRIS transaction ZP0S.
  2. Populate the fund center, statement month, and statement year fields.
  3. Click the “execute” icon.
  4. Print statement.

Important Reminders

  1. Payment of TN sales and use tax is prohibited.
  2. Keep the card in a secure location.
  3. Obtain and keep original receipts.
T-27 Special Payment Without Contract

General Policy

T-27 Form: Request for Special Payment

Before a T-27 without Contract can be entered, a vendor record for the payee must be created in IRIS. If the payee is a student, the department must obtain approval from financial aid before creating a vendor record or making payment.

To create a vendor in IRIS, the department must have the vendor complete a W-9, Business Classification Form, Worker Classification Questionnaire, and Vendor Payment Selection Form. All forms must be completed correctly and attached to the vendor request (IRIS transaction ZXKI). If the vendor is a student, the department must also attach the Approval from Financial Aid to the vendor request.

Once the vendor is established in IRIS, the department must complete the T-27 Request for Miscellaneous Payment without an Invoice Form and have an approver sign. The T-27 form and all supporting documentation should be sent to the UTFI Business Office for review and entry.

T-27 Flow Chart

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