6.7 Advancement Assessment Procedure

EFFECTIVE: 1/1/2020 · REVISED: 4/1/2020 The Assessment Exclusion Form should be submitted when a donor has requested an exclusion or when a donor organization has bylaws that prevent the payment of fees. ASSESSMENT EXCLUSION FORM Automatic Exclusions As a matter of policy, the Foundation automatically applies the following exclusions: Gifts for capital projects (these will […]

1.6.8 Email Bouncebacks Procedure

EFFECTIVE: 6/19/2020 · REVISED: 6/29/2020 Download File from SFTP iModules generates the bounceback report every Monday and loads it to the “BouncebackReport” folder of the iModules SFTP. For login information, contact the Online Engagement team at [email protected] Prepare File for ANDI Load Save a backup to archive. Sort by column K (Email is Valid) and remove […]

1.7.2 TeleFund Credit Card Processing Procedure

EFFECTIVE: 6/22/2011 · REVISED: 3/18/2020 The settlement process is completed by the Advancement Services Administrative Assistant III who will open the electronic batch control window and locate the batches with an operator of “load pledges.” For each Telefund batch on the batch window, the Advancement Services Administrative Assistant III will verify each pledge against the […]

1.4.46 Gift Intentions Procedure

EFFECTIVE: 7/24/2019 · REVISED: 8/30/2021 Gift Intention Processing The donor wishes to sign a Gift Intention, and plans to pay via a Donor Advised Fund, so a Gift Intention is added. A Gift Intention is not a pledge. A Gift Intention should never be referred to as a pledge.When payments are received, they should be […]

1.4.3 Anonymous Gifts Procedure

EFFECTIVE: 3/9/2004 · REVISED: 10/22/2018 Procedure Notes Follow the procedures for Gift Entry. A comment must be added to the gift(s) recorded on an anonymous record stating the donor(s) name and ID number(s). READ RELATED POLICY >

1.2.36 Updates to Database

EFFECTIVE: 2/15/2013 · REVISED: 2/15/2013 Objective Ensure coordination between the various departments and offices to make certain careful attention is paid to data integrity and to take advantage of economies of scale whenever updates, revisions, and amendments are made to the ANDI system. Updates and Revisions to ANDI All projects involving updates, revisions, and amendments […]

1.2.32 Shortcut Keys

EFFECTIVE: 7/2/2002 · REVISED: 8/14/2015 Shortcut Keys in ANDI Key Function F1 Help F2 Context Sensitive Lookup (in Lookup controls) F3 Enter new ID Shift + F3 Spouse Information F4 Clipboard Shift + F4 Entity Lookup F5 GoTo F6 New (Cycles through New buttons, Press Enter to perform New) F7 Refresh Window F8 Save (Cycles […]

10.3.3 URL Customizations

EFFECTIVE: 10/26/2018 · REVISED: 5/18/2022 Customizations can be combined and listed in any order at the end of the giving form URL. Questions? Contact [email protected] Common Customizations Editable list of single or multiple designations &dids=x &dids=x.x.x Uneditable designation(s) &bledit=1 Locks the “edit” link to the pop-up box of designations and shows a non-editable list of pre-selected […]

10.3.2 Creating a Short Giving URL

EFFECTIVE: 10/26/2018 · REVISED: 5/18/2022 Audience: Campaigns Admin, Campaigns Reporting Admin General Purpose Create a vanity URL that pre-populates one or more funds on an Encompass giving form. Accessing Log into Encompass at your site below. If you’re unsure of the email address associated with your login, email [email protected] alumni.tennessee.edu/login advanceutia.tennessee.edu/login alumni.utc.edu/login alumni.uthsc.edu/login alumni.utk.edu/login alumni.utm.edu/login alumni.utsouthern.edu/login […]

10.3.1 Donations Reporting

EFFECTIVE: 10/26/2018 · REVISED: 5/18/2022 Audience: Campaigns Admin, Campaigns Reporting Admin  Related: Encompass Support Documentation General Purpose Donation reporting allows admins to obtain a list of anyone who has donated/purchased anything for any online campaign (“giving form”) within the date range. Name, ID, Campaign,  Amount, and Billing Information are included by default. Accessing Log into Encompass […]