Five Key Terms for Understanding Records in ACE

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1. Constituent

A Constituent is a record for an individual – what we call an “entity” in ANDI. During our months of Bio/Demo configuration discussions, we settled on twelve Constituent types in the following hierarchical order:

  1. Alumni
  2. Resident/Intern
  3. Student
  4. Faculty/Staff
  5. Retired Faculty/Staff
  6. Parent
  7. Grateful Client
  8. Former Student
  9. Former Parent
  10. Former Faculty/Staff
  11. Friend
  12. Relationship or Affiliation Only

2. Organization

An Organization is essentially a record for a group of individuals. In ACE, most Organizations are prospects and/or employers of our Constituents. For example, First Horizon National Corporation is the parent Organization of a large hierarchy of other Organizations that are classified as branches, divisions, subsidiaries, etc. ACE allows users easy access to Organization hierarchies and simplifies reporting on them.

3. Household

Household is a new and important concept in ACE. A Household functions almost like an Organization because it”s a record for a group of individuals – in this case, spouses and partners. In ACE, prospect management will happen at the Household level rather than Constituent. NOTE: Every constituent is attached to a Household record, even if he or she is not linked to a spouse or partner.

4. Relationship

A Relationship links two Constituents. During the Bio Demo sprint, we accounted for nearly 30 relationship types. This includes commonly used relationships such as spouse-to-spouse and parent-to-child, but we’ve also accounted for acquaintances, friends, business partnerships, attorney-to-client relationships and a number of other requirements that were identified during our CRM needs assessment.

5. Affiliation

An Affiliation links Constituents to Organizations. During the Bio Demo sprint, we accounted for more than 20 affiliation types. This includes commonly used affiliations such as employer-to-employee and owner-to-private organization, but also trustee-to-organization trust, executor of estate-to-estate account and corporate board member-to-corporate board.

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