Training Overview

The November project status call begins with a thorough overview of the training program.

Four Key Takeaways

1. The Challenge

The top priority is to prepare nearly 300 people on five campuses to do their jobs using an entirely new suite of technologies by February 29.

2. The Approach
Everyone will be assigned to a cohort of 15-20 people who do similar jobs. Each cohort will have a coach who is responsible for facilitating the training.

3. The Resources
Training will be supported by:

  • Training Experience Document (TED)
  • Sessions and office hours
  • Guidance Center
  • In-App Walkthroughs
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Salesforce Knowledge

Each of these is described in detail in the video.

4. The Timeline
Training will begin the first week of December, and every cohort will complete ACE 101 (an overview of core concepts and functions) before the holiday break. Most ACE users will complete additional, job-specific training in January and February.

Project Status

85% complete. Anticipated completion: February 2024.

Project Update


ACE training begins the first week of December.

Watch an overview of the training program.

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