ACE Training and Readiness Survey

The UT Foundation is undergoing a total transformation of our technology tools and the business processes they support. A lot of change is in the works – more than we’ve ever experienced before as an organization.

In a recent survey, we asked you to share your training needs, wishes, and readiness levels. The results are in, and they are already informing and directing our training plans. Thank you for taking part in this survey. Your responses are invaluable.

10 Key Takeaways

1. 121 Responses. Thank You!

More than half of UTFI staff participated in the survey, and each campus and job-type were represented!

2. Training is highly necessary

96% of participants believe training is essential (4-5 out of 5) to be successful in their jobs.

3. Confidence is high

97% of participants are confident (4-5 out of 5) in their abilities to learn how to use ACE.

4. Give us everything!

When given a long list of training options, participants wanted … everything: In-person, interactive, Zoom, notes and more. We heard you, and we got you. Stay tuned for more info on what this will look like.

5. Long, boring trainings are canceled

Everyone has sat through a truly atrocious training session. Participants shared that long, boring training courses are frustrating, not helpful and should be left in the past.

6. Interaction and real use-cases are in

Again and again, participants told us they learn through interaction. Very few wanted to just watch or listen to a lecture. Participants want to learn by practicing and doing.

7. It might take a while

Most users are aware that training takes time. In fact, participants think it will take one to three months to feel competent in performing daily tasks within ACE. We will offer ongoing support well past go-live.

8. Resources and other help

Participants expressed concerns about forgetting what they learned in training. All training will be supplemented by resources like guides and videos that will be readily available post-training and go-live.

9. For more information …

Only 57% of users knew where to find information about ACE. Bookmark this new webpage:! And if you haven’t already done so, check out the “Spotlights” section. We’ll be adding more content to it every week.

10. Users are committed

Give yourself a high-five! You are committed to learning something new. There is power in this commitment, and your commitment is key to our successful transition.

Project Status

55% complete. Anticipated completion: February 2024.

Project Update


A majority of UTFI staff participated in the recent Training and Readiness Survey.

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