Alumni Association

The University of Tennessee Alumni Association serves more than 445,000 graduates of the UT System by providing events, lifelong learning, networking opportunities, legislative advocacy, career services, travel programs and benefits and discounts.

Membership in the UTAA is free, and alumni from all UT campuses are invited to get involved and connected.

Involvement Opportunities:

  • Download your digital alumni card and start using benefits and discounts that are exclusive to UT alumni. 
  • Explore the world through travel experiences that feature tour guides, historians and excursions—all through shared camaraderie and engagement with fellow alumni.
  • Get help with your next career move through a variety of professional resources and coaching.
  • Share your belief in the value of the UT System through involvement in the Advocacy Network or the Alumni Legislative Council.
  • Directly impact a student through a gift to any campus, any college or any program.
  • Join the UTAA or your campus alumni office through virtual and in-person events and use your network of 422,000 alumni.
  • Connect with the UT Alumni Association on LinkedIn.​