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1.6.3 Online Events

EFFECTIVE: 6/22/2011 · REVISED: 3/18/2020


The UT Foundation staff will use the Encompass Event Management feature (the site) to manage online registration and payment for Alumni and Development events. This document sets forth policies governing the implementation and use of the Encompass event management system at UTFI.

How Information May Be Collected and Used

Personally identifiable information collected on the site will not be sold or otherwise transferred to unaffiliated third parties without the approval of the person who provide the information.

Refund Policy

Before the checking account administrator processes a refund, the refund must be reviewed and approved in writing by a program director or assistant/associate vice chancellor within the checking account administrator’s department. Processing of refunds will be handled in accordance with 1.4.8 Credit Card Processing.

Policy Maintenance

UTFI staff will review this policy annually for content and accuracy. Changes will be made to this policy as deemed necessary.

In addition to reviewing this policy, the Director of Gift Records will annually ensure that Elavon still maintains its VISA CISP/PCI compliance. This is verified through the following steps:

  1. Go to the Visa PCI Compliance website:
  2. Search the Visa Global Registry of Service Providers:

Reconciliation Policy

Each alumni office is responsible for reconciling its event transactions against Virtual Merchant account(s) each business day. At least two alumni office employees will be involved in the reconciliation process. Transactions are automatically settled nightly by Elavon. Each morning one employee will produce the daily transaction report from Encompass and submit that report to the checking account administrator to reconcile. Under no circumstances should only one employee be involved in the reconciliation process.