UT Foundation Policies

4.0 Donor Coordination

EFFECTIVE: 6/21/2012 · REVISED: 7/01/2020


Pursuant to Article II, Section 2(r) of the Affiliation and Services Agreement between the University of Tennessee (UT) and The University of Tennessee Foundation (UTFI), UTFI establishes the following Donor Coordination Policy. This policy is intended to provide guidance for coordinating the solicitation of major gift prospects. The policy is intended to encourage solicitation activity in a manner that maximizes each donor’s potential to the UT system and to ensure that all of a donor’s interests are considered. The policy is not intended to curb initiatives or interfere with long-standing relationships with prospective and past donors. The President and CEO (President) is authorized to make changes to this manual that are consistent with, and serve to enhance and strengthen, implementation of this policy.


Each major gift donor prospect ($25,000+) will be assigned to one or more UTFI staff.

  • The development professional holding the primary assignment serves as the prospect manager and has the ultimate responsibility for developing and implementing strategies to maximize the prospect’s potential for UT and UTFI.
    • In fulfilling this responsibility, the primary assigned staff member will consider all of the prospect’s known UT & UTFI philanthropic interests.
  • The assigned primary development professional is responsible for soliciting the prospect.
    • No prospect shall be solicited without the knowledge and approval of the primary assigned staff.
    • Unless the solicitation strategy dictates otherwise, solicitations shall be comprehensive, considering all of the prospect’s known UT & UTFI philanthropic interests.


Constituent development professionals are responsible for coordinating all development activity for their respective units.

  • All UTFI and UT faculty, staff and volunteers shall work through the unit’s development professional to ensure proper coordination with other units.

Written Proposals

All solicitations of $25,000 or more shall be presented in writing (whether by formal proposal or letter of gift agreement).

Sharing of Information

Recognizing that UTFI staff are located across a wide geographic area and in order to promote the sharing of information needed to implement this policy, staff shall record the following information in the alumni-development database:

  • All solicitations of $25,000 or more
  • Contact reports documenting all substantive contacts with donors and prospects
  • Assignments
  • Other information as determined by the UTFI President

Gift Agreements

An approved gift agreement shall be executed for gifts or pledges of $25,000 or greater.