Goals, Objectives and Targets for 2020-2021

The UT Foundation’s Vision for 2025 is to be recognized as one of the top performing advancement organizations affiliated with any university system in higher education. UTFI remains committed to that vision and their goals in philanthropy, engagement and advocacy.

To continue driving towards those objectives, UTFI has identified key goals and metrics for fiscal year 2021. The year ahead is unfamiliar territory as the COVID-19 pandemic continues, which has added difficulty in planning and forecasting. With this in mind, UTFI has considered various factors and sources in setting fiscal year 2021 goals.

Finalized August 20, 2021

1. Enhance philanthropic support to the University for University of Tennessee students, faculty and core institutional priorities on an annual basis.

Goal Gauge Key: Falling Short On Track Goal Met

Annual Giving

Blue Gauge

Goal: $10,244,715 (Final: $14,356,238)
UTC: $1,609,380 (Final: $1,401,163)
UTHSC: $1,608,800 (Final: $2,645,757)
UTIA: $422,690 (Final: $5576,090)
UTK: $5,686,000 (Final: $8,630,241)
UTM: $657,570 (Final: $882,524)
System: $260,275 (Final: $220,462)
Stretch Goal: $11,672,645

Total Gifts

Blue Gauge

Goal: $176,862,010 (Final: $312,418,806)
UTC: $10,349,882 (Final: $6,438,045)
UTHSC: $14,744,972 (Final: $15,241,954)
UTIA: $14,008,451 (Final: $12,043,336)
UTK: $125,486,985 (Final: $190,365,712)
UTM: $8,865,467 (Final*: $87,779,490
System: $3,407,253 (Final: $550,269)
Stretch Goal: $208,962,010

Number of Donors

Blue Gauge

Goal: 60,540 (Final: 66,672)
UTC: 4,720 (Final: 5,996)
UTHSC: 3,330 (Final: 4,941)
UTIA: 3,570 (Final: 3,104)
UTK: 45,425 (Final: 49,176)
UTM: 4,635 (Final: 5,001)
System: 1,675 (Final: 1,763)
Stretch Goal: 67,312

2. Broaden and deepen constituent engagement with the University, developing more meaningful relationships with the University of Tennessee alumni, friends and students.

Increase the percentage of volunteer leaders who are contributors

Goal: 80% (Final: 69%)

Increase the number of engaged alumni

Blue Gauge

Goal: 230,000 (Final: 239,024)
UTC: 33,775 (Final: 36,869)
UTHSC: 23,400 (Final: 23,529)
UTIA: 10,300 (Final: 10,722)
UTK: 145,000 (Final: 149,907)
UTM: 25,000 (Final: 25,950)

3. Increase awareness of and advocacy for the University to advance the UT System's stature as a best in class system dedicated to its purpose to educate, discover and connect.

Grow the number of members in the Advocacy Network

Blue Gauge

Goal: 7,524 (Final: 7,653)

4. Build higher educations top performing advancement organization, with first-rate talent, integrated infrastructure and a highly collaborative culture.

Increase Staff Retention

Goal: 90% (Final: 87%)

Develop an individualized work plan for the UTFI Board of Directors

Blue Gauge

Goal: Completed (Final: Completed)

Increase financial independence for the organization within the legal structure of UTFI

Goal: Decrease dependence on campus funding to 59% (Final: 58%)

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