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Fiscal Year 2024 Goal Submission

Thank you to all UT Foundation staff for a record-breaking year of exceptional fundraising, public and political support provided to the University of Tennessee. Organizational goals have been set for fiscal year 2024, and the deadline for individual goals to be entered is September 30, 2023.

Please review the information in this email to ensure that your goals for fiscal year 2024 meet requirements for incentive compensation, and that they are entered correctly.


  • September 30, 2023 – Incentive compensation goals must be submitted via the JotForm.
  • October 1-October 31, 2023 – UTFI Human Resources will review submitted goals for clarity and compliance. Employees will receive an email communication once approved.
  • November 1, 2023 – After approval from UTFI Human Resources, incentive compensation goals and position/professional goals must be submitted in Sprigg.

Position Types:

When setting goals for FY24, please keep in mind the four position types:

  • Development Officer
  • Advancement Officer
  • Professional Support (Exempt)
  • Professional support (Non-exempt)

For more information on determining position type, please visit Incentive Compensation – UTFI.

Goal Setting:

  • Development officers with major gift expectations will have quantitative incentive goals based on visits, proposals and dollars raised. All other position types will have a combination of quantitative and qualitative goals.
  • For exempt positions, employees should have three to five goals. Non-exempt employees should have one to two goals. To ensure the capacity for success, no employee should have more than five goals.
  • Employees can have a combination of incentive compensation goals and professional development goals that are not tied to incentive compensation.

For more information on goal setting as it relates to incentive compensation, please visit Incentive Compensation – UTFI.

To maintain our success and vision of becoming a top public educational institution and making this the greatest decade in UT’s history, we recommend setting SMART goals. SMART goals are:

  • Specific: Precise enough to understand, clarify and achieve
  • Measurable: Quantifiable and measurable, leaving no doubt when the goal has been achieved; how progress should be measured
  • Acknowledged/Attainable: Mutually acknowledged by employee and supervisor as feasible; commitment made toward achievement
  • Relevant: Aligns with the mission, plans and priorities of the organization, reflecting impact on accomplishment of the departmental mission
  • Timely: Goal achievement exists within the context of a schedule; timetable that incorporates regular, structured review(s) as assessment of progress

Goal Weights:

Goals for advancement officers and exempt/non-exempt professional support positions require an assigned weight percentage, which must total 100%. Before you enter incentive compensation goals, please decide on weight percentages to ensure they total to 100%. Development officers will not require a weight percentage.

Once you receive approval from UTFI Human Resources, you may proceed to enter goals in Sprigg. Goal weights in Sprigg are entered differently than the JotForm. Please use the table below to determine weights.

 Development OfficerAdvancement OfficerProfessional Support -Exempt and Non-Exempt
Individual Goals Weight 10 of 10Visits, proposals, dollars raisedQualitative and quantitative goals identified by supervisorQualitative and quantitative goals identified by supervisor
Team Goals Weight 7 of 10Dollars raised, cash received, number of donorsAlumni engagement and/or program developmentUnit goals identified by unit lead
Professional Development*Training, certifications, continuing education
*Weight determined between supervisor and employee and can be lower than 7. While not a part of the incentive payout, it can still be considered in overall performance. 

As a reminder, incentive compensation goals must be submitted into the JotForm by September 30, 2023.

We appreciate your support, time and patience as we continue to evolve our processes. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at [email protected].