UT Foundation Policies

10.1.1 Email Naming Convention

EFFECTIVE: 10/26/2018 · REVISED: 11/1/2020

General Purpose

An email naming convention is a set of rules that applies to the creation of an Encompass email. Admins use the internal name to identify an email in the Email Home queue and later in email reporting. It will not be seen by recipients. Questions? Contact [email protected].

Please use the following naming convention—

CampusType YYMM Descriptor Detail (appeal/source)* builder

 = A single letter denoting the campus sender.

A – Institute of Agriculture
C – Chattanooga
H – Health Science Center
K – Knoxville
M – Martin
P – Pulaski
S – System
V – Vol for Life

Type = A single letter denoting the type of email.

A – Annual Giving Appeal
C – Crowdfunding (VOLstarter, LaunchUTC)
D – Day of Giving (Big Orange Give, Captain’s Challenge, Mocs Give Day)
E – Event
I – Informational (a news release, like a new dean named, or Champions News)
M – Marketing
N – Newsletter (a standard newsletter containing multiple news items)
O – Other (a survey or anything else that doesn’t fit an existing type)
R – Recurring (birthday, pledge reminder)
S – Stewardship (anniversary emails, Grateful Vol Day, Tennessee Tailgates, etc.)
W – Win-Back Campaign

YYMM = Year and month the email is released, like 1810.

Descriptor  = one word to generally identify the college, chapter, or group of recipients. It is important to use the same descriptor every time you send an email to a group. Please refer to the master list of common descriptors. If you have questions or an addition to the list, email [email protected].

Detail = one or two words to describe content of the email and/or specific segment information.

If an email is plain text, add ‘PT’ after the details. For example—

  • HE 1807 Golden Grad Homecoming PT abc
  • ME 1808 Memphis Sendoff Students PT* abc

= appeal or source code for annual giving emails.

1A, 1B = used to denote versions in A/B testing campaign

* = an asterisk should be used to denote a reminder or FWD email. If it’s a second reminder, include two asterisks. If it’s the first email, no asterisk is needed.

builder = three-letter lowercase initials of person who built the email.


  • AN 2011 TN Magic Moments lpv
  • HE 2010 Patricia Johnson Seminar ** mlh
  • HE 2010 CGHS 3MT* khb
  • MD 2006 True Match AAS Non-Alumni (emwed1g) khb
  • KE 2011 HCB Town Hall 2s mlh