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10.1.2 Email Lists 101

EFFECTIVE: 10/26/2018 · REVISED: 11/1/2020

Email address data must originate from ANDI

Request a report from User Experience. Indicate that you will be contacting individuals via email and select YES – iModules Format Needed. This ensures the report has the required columns for formatting purposes.

Why using ANDI data matters:

  • Contacting preferred email address
  • Honors constituent contact preferences and email subscriptions
  • Enables prepopulation of constituent data on Encompass forms (event registrations, online giving, etc.)
  • Links Encompass data updates and giving transactions to constituent record in ANDI
  • Ties online engagement data to constituent record, which feeds into various business intelligence models

Alumni and non-alumni email lists are formatted differently

The Encompass database contains complete ANDI records of all graduated alumni except for especially prominent alumni and those who have requested to not be contacted by the university. A list of ANDI ID numbers can be uploaded for alumni recipients only. Non-alumni recipients must be uploaded as a “list” in the List and Segment Manager.

Specifications for an alumni email list

CSV of ANDI ID numbers formatted as 10 digits with leading zeros. You will need a generic header in cell A1.

Specifications for a non-alumni email list

CSV with the columns Email, First Name, Last Name. Column headers must be capitalized and ordered as shown.

Need help? The Online Engagement Team is happy to help format email lists. Simply attach the ANDI report(s) to your email request and we’ll take care of the rest. If you have questions, contact [email protected].

Tips for formatting a email list

When you start from an ANDI report containing a mix of alumni and non-alumni, sort by the RECORD_TYPE column.

Copy and paste the ALUMNI–GRADUATES into a different xls. Sort by email score and remove zeros (required) plus any other score for segmentation purposes. Delete all columns except for ID Number. Put “ID” as a column header in A1. Format as 10 digits and save as csv. Upload as CSV of ID.

To format as 10 digits–

  • Right click the column header and select Format Cells
  • On the pop-up window, select Custom under Category
  • Under Type, highlight General and delete
  • Enter ten zeros (0000000000)
  • Click OK

All other RECORD_TYPES are considered non-alumni recipients. Delete all columns except FIRST NAME, LAST NAME, EMAIL_ADDRESS. Reorder the columns with the following headers: Email, First Name, Last Name. Delete duplicate email addresses. Save as csv. Upload to Lists & Segments Manager following the instructions.

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