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10.3.2 Creating a Short Giving URL

EFFECTIVE: 10/26/2018 · REVISED: 5/18/2022

Audience: Campaigns Admin, Campaigns Reporting Admin

General Purpose

Create a vanity URL that pre-populates one or more funds on an Encompass giving form.


Log into Encompass at your site below. If you’re unsure of the email address associated with your login, email [email protected].

Pre-populating the Fund

1. From the admin dashboard screen, hover over Donations and select Designations.

2. Use the search bar to find the desired fund(s). Note: If fund is not listed, email [email protected] for more information or submit the Designation Request Form ( to have it added. 

3. Make note of the three- to four-digit number in the Encompass ID column for the fund(s) you want to pre-populate on the giving form.

4. Open the main giving form in a new tab. The long URL will look something like this:

5. At the end of this URL, add the following:

6. Replace x with the Encompass ID(s). For multiple funds, separate each number with a period ie. &dids=x.x.x 

7. If you have an appeal code, add &appealcode=XXXXXXXX to the end of the URL, where the Xs are your appeal code from ANDI.

8. Enter your new URL into a browser in which you are not logged in to Encompass. You should see that your fund name is now populating under Designations on the form. If you do not see your fund name, or if you are seeing a different fund name from the one you were expecting, go back to the Designations screen and find the correct Encompass ID for your fund. 

Creating a Short URL

1. Once you’ve verified that the correct fund is populating, paste your new URL into a browser in which you are logged in to Encompass and click enter. 

2. At the top or bottom of the giving form webpage, you should see a small chain link icon. If you do not see this link, make sure you are logged in to Encompass. Click link icon to open the Link Builder

  • Enter your desired short URL.
  • Name: Enter Giving Link – Fund Name  
  • Description: If link includes appeal code, enter Giving Link FYXX – Fund Name 

3. Click Save. Verify that your new short URL is working.

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