Brand Guidelines

Alliance Style Guidelines

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Primary Colors

Color is one of the most recognizable aspects of our brand identity. By longstanding tradition, orange is the color most generally associated with UT and serves as a primary color within UTFI’s color palette. Additional colors within the palette work well as backgrounds and design elements.

Alliance Orange
PMS 144 C
CMYK 0/49/100/0
RGB 237/139/0

Alliance Lilac
PMS 272 C
CMYK 61/55/0/0
RGB 116/116/193
HEX #7474C1

Alliance Citrine
PMS 381 C
CMYK 18/0/99/0
RGB 206/220/0

Alliance Aqua
PMS 3258 C
CMYK 62/0/35/0
RGB 73/197/177
HEX #49C5B1


Gotham Condensed


Alliance Logo