Event Registrations

For more than a decade, all of the UT Foundation’s online event registrationshave been built within Encompass (formerly iModules). It’s been a useful tool, allowing us to design complicated events that facilitate payment processing and gift transactions. However, as everyone who works with events knows too well, because Encompass can’t integrate directly with the events tables in ANDI, we have to manually create events in both systems, look up a significant portion ofevent attendees in order to match IDs, and then load everything into ANDI.

That is all about to change!

Salesforce works kind of like the app store on your phone. There’s an entire world of approved developers who build Salesforce-native applications to address particular business needs. In the same way you download one app to check in for a flight and another app to watch viral videos, we will purchase Salesforce apps to solve particular problems, and they all connect directly with the core database.


Our events solution in ACE is Blackthorn, the highest-rated events app on the Salesforce AppExchange. Blackthorn’s features include:

  • Drag-and-drop functionality
  • Mobile-friendly interface
  • Ability to embed registration forms via iFrames
  • Streamlined registrant authentication (to reduce the number of manual look-ups!)
  • Sync with ACE communications campaigns (like appeal codes for communications)
  • Multiple payment gateways

The implementation of Blackthorn is being led by the central Digital Strategy and Innovation team. If you have questions, please contact Advancement Services at [email protected].

Project Status

85% complete. Anticipated completion: February 2024.

Project Update


ACE training begins the first week of December.

Watch an overview of the training program.

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