Project Update


Video updated: May 10, 2023
Text updated: May 20, 2023


      • 55% Complete


    Implementation Process

    Every phase of implementation goes through essentially the same process:

    • Discovery: A discussion among Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) of our current business processes in order to identify key pain points and business requirements.
    • Requirements: As of May 20, 2023, we have identified 1,288 requirements for ACE! Each requirement is tracked through to resolution.
    • Configuration: A smaller group of SMEs meets four times per week to address each individual requirement related to a particular sprint. During this process out-of-the-box Salesforce is turned into ACE.
    • Mapping: Once we’ve designed ACE to address our business needs, we then have to map each piece of data in ANDI to the appropriate place in ACE. This meticulous process happens one field (Job Title, for example) at a time.
    • Loading: We load data from ANDI in two stages. We begin with a small test load and make necessary adjustments to the mapping scripts before doing a load of all ANDI data.
    • Testing: We test configuration and data quality constantly,but the final step after the full load is to identify and resolve all remaining data quality and configuration issues.


    Bio Demo: 98%

    Bio Demo is a large and complex sprint, covering more than two dozen types of data, including names, contact information, degrees, relationships, employment, salutations, social media and involvements (activities).

    • We’ve completed configuration
    • We’ve completed a full load
    • 68 of 68 final data quality issues have been resolved
    • The final step is completing custom development work
    • We have begun the process of documenting new policies and procedures


    Campaigns: 98%

    Campaigns will be used in ACE to manage appeal codes, track communications and build custom lists.

    • We’ve completed configuration
    • We’ve completed a full load™
    • 4 of 4 final data quality issues have been resolved
    • The final step is completing custom development work
    • We have begun the process of documenting new policies and procedures


    Prospects: 92%

    The Prospects sprint covers all objects (Salesforce tables) related to assignments, proposals, contact reports, research, wealth ratings and related topics.

    • We’ve completed configuration
    • 138 (91%) requirements are completed
    • We have completed a full data load, and all 11 objects are within our acceptable raw count margin of error (<1%)
    • 14 of 23 (61%) final data quality issues have been resolved
    • We have begun the process of documenting new policies and procedures


    Gift Processing: 50%

    Gift Processing includes designations, endowments, hard and soft credits, installments, payments and sessions (batches).

    • 113 (78%) requirements are completed
    • We have completed data mapping and have just created a new sandbox environment in anticipation of the first test load


    Engagement: 35%

    Engagement includes stewardship, giving societies and committee memberships.

    • After focusing on the first four sprints in recent weeks, we returned to Engagement this month.
    • 23 (62%) requirements are completed
    • During the week of May 22, all four configuration sessions will be dedicated to acceptance criteria review, data mapping, and functional testing


    Cases: 70%

    In Salesforce, a Case is a tool that manages common requests.

    • 38 (78%) requirements are completed
    • Many of the Case requirements will be back-logged and then built after the full data load, in order of priority, by the central User Experience team
    • We have signed off on configuration of the Prospect Assignment Request and Research Request cases


    Data Integration

    We have identified more than 30 sources of data that will need to be integrated with ACE. Our project plan with Huron prioritizes the four most important and complex: Banner, IRIS, payment gateways and the data warehouse.

    • The Business Intelligence team has built tables for our new data warehouse and are awaiting development of the Azure link service connector from ANDI
    • Huron has received our revised Banner file
    • We are discussing payment gateways in several workstreams, including giving portal and events
    • We are working with the IRIS team to spec the new file based on sample data from ACE


    Email (Marketing Cloud)

    Salesforce Marketing Cloud is an industry-leading email marketing solution. It will replace Encompass (iModules).

    • Members of central Digital Strategy and Innovation (DSI) team have begun training
    • Marketing Cloud implementation has begun, with near-daily meetings between Huron and the core UTFI team to lay the groundwork for all aspects of the project: data mapping, provisioning for the various business units (UT
      System and campuses), templates, engagement journeys, etc.
    • Next steps: Establishing Single Sign-On and completing the initial setup


    Portal (Experience Cloud)

    Salesforce Experience Cloud will allow us to have a true constituent portal–a single place where an alumna can view her giving history, update her contact information, download a year-end tax receipt and customize her contact preferences.

    • We have identified our preferred online form solution
    • Huron has configured the portal to address our various branding/identity needs and has built the core giving history functionality
    • Huron has begun building the Class Notes functionality


    Events (Blackthorn): 42%

    Blackthorn is a Salesforce-native app that will power event registrations in ACE.

    • We have mapped and loaded all data in both Events objects
    • We have had two of our four on-boarding sessions with Blackthorn, which included a demo of a basic event build and a review of our more complex requirements


    Websites (WordPress)

    Transitioning from Encompass requires rebuilding most of UTFI’s externally-facing websites.

    • WordPress has been selected as the centrally-support web Content Management System (CMS)
    • Website rebuilds will be managed by DSI, in collaboration with UTFI central communications and campus communicators
    • We have begun weekly meetings with Second Mile to begin the development of our WordPress websites


    Online Giving

    Transitioning from Encompass also requires rebuilding our online giving forms and the business/technology process that drive days of giving, crowdfunding and philanthropic commerce.

    • We have identified our preferred online giving solution


    Reporting and Dashboards (Tableau)

    The transition to ACE will require rebuilding the majority of our current reports and dashboards. We will be doing so with a significantly better suite of tools, including standard Salesforce reports and Tableau, which will replace Power BI as our solution for complex dashboards.

    • Four members of the central User Experience team are preparing to become certified Salesforce Admins, which requires learning the fundamentals of Salesforce reporting
    • The BI team has begun Tableau training and has a weekly meeting withHuron and Tableau to discuss implementation
    • Nest step: Establish Single Sign-On and begin building test reports and dashboards


    Change Management

    The central User Experience team meets regularly with a change management consultant from Huron to discuss communications, documentation, training and other aspects of the project that will contribute to a successful launch.

    • We had 121 responses to the ACE Training and Readiness Survey; a summary of results can be found in the Training section
    • The User Experience team has begun the process of implementing Salesforce Sales Enablement, which will be our in-app documentation and training tool
    • The User Experience team is meeting regularly with Constituent Management, Prospect Development, and Annual Giving to discuss and document new policies, which will inform the development of new procedures and training materials

    Project Status

    55% complete. Anticipated completion: February 2024.

    Project Update


    A majority of UTFI staff participated in the recent Training and Readiness Survey.

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