About ACE

When we talk about the ACE implementation, we’re actually talking about an entire suite of technology tools that will drive the University of Tennessee’s fundraising, constituent engagement and advocacy efforts for the next generation. These tools include:

  • Salesforce: The core Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) database
  • Ascend: The application that turns Salesforce into a university advancement tool
  • Blackthorn: The Salesforce-native app that will power event registrations
  • Experience Cloud: A Salesforce product that will allow us to build a constituent portal
  • Marketing Cloud: The industry-leading email marketing and communications platform
  • Tableau: A powerful reporting and dashboarding tool
  • WordPress: The web content management system that will support our external websites
  • And more to come …

As more tools are added to the inventory, and as this section of utfi.org evolves as a resource, we will continue to document each new solution.

More Ways to Learn About ACE

The ACE implementation is a massive team effort led by the UTFI Board, project leaders, and a long-standing steering committee.

Needs Assessment
In 2020 we began the most comprehensive evaluation of UTFI data operations ever conducted, involving 130 key stakeholders.

Along with quick guides to the tools that comprise ACE, we will soon begin spotlighting new features and functionality of ACE.

Project Status

85% complete. Anticipated completion: February 2024.

Project Update


ACE training begins the first week of December.

Watch an overview of the training program.