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Salesforce is the leading Customer Relationship Management platform in the world, with an international client base that includes Ford, GE, Southwest Airlines, IBM, PayPal, RBC Wealth Management, and more than 150,000 other companies, non-profits, and educational institutions, large and small.

By moving our advancement operations to Salesforce, we are investing in the technology that drives business everywhere, so we will benefit from Salesforce’s best-in-class security and stability, from its large user community(including a growing number of higher ed clients), and from the billions of dollars the company invests each yet in product improvements.

After two decades with ANDI this will be a whole new world.

Salesforce works kind of like the app store on your phone. There’s an entire world of approved developers who build Salesforce-native applications to address particular business needs. In the same way you download one app to check in for a flight and another app to watch viral videos, we will purchase Salesforce apps to solve particular problems, and they all connect directly with the core database.

The Salesforce implementation is being led by central Advancement Services. If you have any questions, please contact [email protected]

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