A Team Effort

The ACE implementation is the largest technology project ever undertaken by the UT Foundation. Beginning in late 2020, when we performed a comprehensive needs assessment involving more than 130 key stakeholders, this has been a massive team effort. Every week, dozens of UTFI staff, along with our partners throughout the UT System, discuss strategy, process improvements, system configurations, data integrations and change management.

The ACE implementation has also be driven by the leadership of the UT Foundation Board, who were actively involved with the needs assessment and product evaluation, and who unanimously approved funding for the project.

Steering Committee

A Steering Committee was formed during the needs assessment and led the product evaluation process. They continue to serve in leadership roles by participating in implementation sprints, attending monthly project status calls and acting as on-call subject matter experts.

Project Leaders

  • Michael Carter
  • Darren Hughes
  • Katie McMahon


  • Kate Brimer
  • Steve Catlett
  • Harriet Chambers
  • Ben Chandler
  • Terri Clark
  • Laura Coffey
  • Melanie Edwards
  • Richard Ely
  • Adam Heller
  • Lauren Henry
  • Avery Howard
  • Dana Prince
  • Joel Seaton
  • Chandra Tuggle
  • Erick Weber
  • Jackie Wise

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