6.9 PAC Policy

Gifts made from Political Acton Committees (PAC) or as a result of a PAC matching program are not considered or counted as gifts to UT/UT

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1.4.45 Sponsorships

Effective: 10/1/2014 · Revised: 6/1/2020 Objective To provide business standards for determining whether a sponsorship qualifies as a charitable contribution that can be recorded in

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1.4.40 Refunds

EFFECTIVE: 12/1/2017 · REVISED: 8/4/2020 Objective Gifts to the University of Tennessee Foundation are an unconditional transfer. Refunds will be made only in the event

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1.6.7 Online Privacy

EFFECTIVE: 4/12/2011 · REVISED: 6/22/2011 Overview The University of Tennessee Foundation (UTFI) and UT Alumni Association (UTAA) do not sell alumni information to 3rd parties.

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1.6.4 Online Security

EFFECTIVE: 6/22/2011 · REVISED: 5/18/2022 Overview The University of Tennessee Foundation Inc (UTFI), through The University of Tennessee, licenses Anthology Encompass Online Community (the site)

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