6.7 Advancement Assessment Procedure

EFFECTIVE: 1/1/2020 · REVISED: 4/1/2020 The Assessment Exclusion Form should be submitted when a donor has requested an exclusion or when a donor organization has bylaws that prevent the payment of fees. ASSESSMENT EXCLUSION FORM Automatic Exclusions As a matter of policy, the Foundation automatically applies the following exclusions: Gifts for capital projects (these will […]

5.23 Travel

 5.23.1   OBJECTIVE To provide guidelines and reimbursement rates for expenses incurred by employees while in travel status and on official University of Tennessee Foundation (UTFI) business. 5.23.2   General Policy This policy provides the guidelines for reimbursement of expenses related to travel for UTFI. Authorization for travel and reimbursement of expenses must be in accordance with […]

5.21 Receiving And Depositing Money

5.21.1 Objective To provide guidelines and procedures for receiving and depositing money. The University of Tennessee Foundation (UTFI) will follow University of Tennessee policies for receiving and depositing money except that UTFI’s Gift & Records Systems employees on each campus will make the bank deposits. NOTE: This policy does not apply to receiving and depositing […]

5.19.2 Purchasing: Equipment Under Capital Lease Agreements Policy Objective To provide policies and procedures on purchasing equipment under capital lease agreements for the University of Tennessee Foundation (UTFI). Purchasing Equipment Under Capital Lease Agreements This policy governs the acquisition of equipment through installment purchases or capital lease agreements. The Financial Accounting Standards Board has issued guidelines to clearly define the accounting […]

5.18 Procurement Cards / Corporate Credit Card Policy

5.18.1   Objective To provide policies and procedures to University of Tennessee Foundation (UTFI) personnel on the use of University of Tennessee procurement cards and the UTFI corporate credit card. 5.18.2   University Procurement Cards Departments that use a University of Tennessee procurement card must follow university policy as outlined in University Fiscal Policy FI0530.  If the university revokes […]

5.17 Processing And Paying Invoices

5.17.1   Objective To provide guidelines and procedures for foundation staff processing materials and approving and paying invoices for goods or services. 5.17.2   The Accounts Payable Function Whenever staffing allows, the duties of processing payments and performing the monthly reconciliation of the department’s cost center or WBS elements should be separated as follows. Processing Payments. One […]

5.14.5 Miscellaneous Reimbursements  Objective To provide guidance in requests for miscellaneous expense reimbursements from petty cash funds to University of Tennessee Foundation (UTFI) employees. General Policy Petty cash funds should be used for miscellaneous purchases of supplies and materials from sources outside the university or UTFI and for reimbursement of entertainment or group arranged event expenses […]

5.8 Cost Transfers

5.8.1 Objective To provide guidelines to ensure the timely allocation of charges or credits to the correct WBS element or cost center. 5.8.2 General Information A cost transfer is an after-the-fact reallocation of the costs associated with a transaction from one WBS element or cost center to another. The purpose of this policy is to […]

1.6.8 Email Bouncebacks Procedure

EFFECTIVE: 6/19/2020 · REVISED: 6/29/2020 Download File from SFTP iModules generates the bounceback report every Monday and loads it to the “BouncebackReport” folder of the iModules SFTP. For login information, contact the Online Engagement team at [email protected] Prepare File for ANDI Load Save a backup to archive. Sort by column K (Email is Valid) and remove […]

1.7.2 TeleFund Credit Card Processing Procedure

EFFECTIVE: 6/22/2011 · REVISED: 3/18/2020 The settlement process is completed by the Advancement Services Administrative Assistant III who will open the electronic batch control window and locate the batches with an operator of “load pledges.” For each Telefund batch on the batch window, the Advancement Services Administrative Assistant III will verify each pledge against the […]